GeistM Privacy Policies

Privacy Policy and Privacy Assurance Techniques

This is the privacy policy that applies to visitor to this GeistM website. GeistM also provides its clients and other partners with privacy assurance techniques for use with its internet marketing services that lead the industry in privacy protection and their ability to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Insofar as these services apply to visitors to this GeistM site itself, visitors enjoy these same levels of privacy.

Privacy for Visitors to This Website

Visiting this website does not result in the collection of any information about you or your device, as detailed below.

The Categories of Information not Collected.

This website neither collects nor records nor views any Sensitive Personal Data, such as health information, nor any Internal Data, such as data about opinions, nor External Data, such as ethnicity, nor Historical, nor Financial, nor Social, nor Tracking, such as contact information or location. We neither collect nor record any Personally Identifiable Information (PII). (For reference, the italicized terms above are used as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but the policy statement you are reading here is not an official GDPR statement).
Instead of collecting any PII, and without recording any information about the browser you are using, we create a continuity token, that enables us only to determine statistically how often any single browser has accessed the site before, without knowing what browser that was.

Opt-Out of Statistics

In addition, by clicking the button below, we will erase even this continuity token and any record of its prior existence.

Your Deliberate Actions that May Provide Contact Information

Of course, should you choose to click on a button on this site that enables you to enter contact information, such as the “Say Hello” button, the “Careers” button or the “Request Case Study” button, and you fill in and submit the requested information, Geist will record that information, in order to respond to your request. If you go to some other non-GeistM website, after visiting this Geist website, Geist takes no responsibility for what information might be collected there.

Privacy Assurance Techniques Used in GeistM Marketing

Our patent-pending methods and trade secrets for ensuring the privacy of our client’s customers are described in “GeistM Privacy Practices for Clients’ Customers.”
This document is shared with our partners in the course of reaching business agreements with them, once they have qualified to receive private and confidential communications. It is then used as the background for privacy agreements reached between GeistM and its clients.

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